The orchard.

Danny is the project manager in the field. His years of experience have taught him a lot, but he also learned a lot from the two previous generations.

We work in collaboration with other producers, agricultural professionals and a group of apple growers. This allows us, among other things, to apply an agro-environmental approach of integrated pest management to our production. This approach is based on the principle of adapting phytosanitary applications to the ecosystem, as opposed to the other way around.

Integrated pest management is an agro-environmental approach, based on experimentation and observation, which makes it possible to manage and produce profitable crops by considering the environment as an ally. It aims to reduce pest populations efficiently and economically, while respecting the environment. By performing sample testing of each of the orchard plots, it allows us to apply treatments as needed.


Upon maturity in the fall, the fruit is picked. It is packed in wooden crates, treated and placed in a refrigerated warehouse. Some apple varieties are sold quickly during the autumn months because they do not have the potential for long-term storage, such as early apples.

For optimal fruit conservation, we store most of the apples in controlled atmosphere refrigerated rooms. Commonly referred to as CA, this process consists of controlling the temperature, humidity and gas levels in the warehouses. In this way, the CA process does not improve the quality of the fruit, but rather, conserves freshness from picking time until sale.

In other words, it significantly slows down the ripening of the fruit for a few months, or even 10 to 12 months, until the warehouses are opened up. That’s why we are able to offer you fresh, premium fruit in all of the province’s food chains all year round.

Packaging plant.

In 2011, we invested in a brand new packaging plan employing cutting edge of technology. We have automated the plant to make things more efficient at the packaging level.

We proudly encourage the local economy by including local workers from the region on our team, and guaranteeing about 30 permanent jobs.


All orchard fruit from Vergers Boileau has been selected specifically to suit your needs.