The HAPI product line introduces refined apple varieties such as Ambrosia, Ariane, Gala and Honeycrisp.

The new Ariane variety is offered exclusively in Canada under this brand.

Grown in Quebec, HAPI varieties will charm consumers with their curves and bright colors!


Crunchy / juicy / aromatic

Ambrosia is gaining popularity among Quebec consumers. Its unusual shape and bi-colored skin (pink on a yellow background), in addition to its consumption versatility, make it unique.

Mid October to December

2-3-4-5 lb / 2 kg

1 kg

Minot / tray pack


Tangy / sweet / very crunchy / juicy

Ariane is a marriage of flavors. The variety was developed as a natural cross by our French cousins. It is both sweet and tart, firm and crunchy, juicy and sparkling in the mouth, for genuine taste. Bi-colored, deep red with brilliant sequins, Ariane combines elegance and rusticity.

End of October to **


1 kg

2 kg

Minot / Tray pack


Very crunchy / very sweet / aromatic

Gala is a great apple to eat fresh. It has a very firm and crisp yellow flesh.  Attractive with its colorful stripes and shape, this apple has a smooth delicate skin.

End of September to March

2-3-4-5 lb / 2 kg

1 kg

3 L

Minot / tray pack